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How I transitioned from 10km to 21km.

Hello minions!
You know what? I wish I was on the computer as often as I am on my phone. That way I wouldn't have to scrawl out snappy posts on my Dayre and I could maybe blog like how a decent person would. Don't get me wrong, I have a major love for Dayre, it is like my favourite go-to app. I'd still pick it over my Twitter or Instagram. But sometimes I can't help but wonder if the reason I am not blogging here so often anymore because of Dayre. Would I blog on here a little more if that app had not existed? #thoughtoftheday

Hahaha! Okay, so recently I've been editing a lot of photos on vsco. (Editing photos and going to the gym have been my habitual excuses for not studying throughout this semester wtf) I hope to post them soon but I can't find the right time to do so. My first paper for my finals is in t-minus 10 days and well, everyone knows how bad my time management is. So, I guess I'll see you guys in May? Haha!

Typing this is giving me a hard time as I am too used to my phone keypad auto correcting all the typos I tend to make on the way. Here, I have to keep looking back at all the red squiggly lines under them crazily misspelled words. MUET fail wtf.

I used to throw my medals away except for the ones I got from secondary school.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a picture of my medals (because it is very nicely hung and edited wtf). I doubt these are all I have because I didn't really used to care much about my medals. I used to throw them everywhere. The other day as I was cleaning out one of my drawers, I found another 3 more medals from 2013, one being my Adidas KOTR 16.8km, which used to meant A LOT to me. Hahaha!

It was so important to me because that 16.8km was my stepping stone to entering the half-marathon category. It was the day I got the courage to continue to go further, just because I trained and tracked over 18km weeks before the actual day of KOTR. It was surprisingly easy and I felt amazing after the run, I end up saying 'SIGN ME UP FOR THE NEXT 21KM!'.

I guess after getting the next few 21km medals, this medal went missing for 3 years! Hahaha! So, I guess it is save to assume that a lot of other countless 3, 5, 7 and 10km medals have gone down never-going-to-be-found-until-I-move lane. I am so going to take care of all my medals from now on. I vow to always hang them up here as soon as I bring it home! *fingers crossed la har?*

Aside from Adidas KOTR 16.8km, here's how I managed to successfully transitioned from 10km to 21km in such a short time. This is just my experience hor, it might not be an easy way, but it was how I unconsciously did it.

Start off slow, have family and friends, find your motivation.

I guess one of the ways managed to transitioned to 21km was that 10km was already my foundation, and it was strong. I was very comfortable with running a 10 without having to stop or feel tired after the run. 10 was within my comfort zone, so moving out of there wasn't much work. 

I always tell my friends (they want to know one ah, not I purposely tell them) that once you hit a certain point of running, you can feel as though your legs are moving magically by themselves. That certain point depends on each individual, for me, it usually happens after 5km. After I have reached that point, it is no longer a fight between me and my legs, my legs no longer feels heavy, my body as light as a feather. 

How to reach this point ah? Mhmm. I would say, when you start feeling tired, that is when you need to push even harder. Tell yourself that YOU CAN GO ON! After you've pushed passed that part, you will arrive at this magical point. If you're on your run and you feel like stopping, you have not arrive at this point! Once you have reached the stage of your legs will be moving by themselves, you will not have the thought of stopping because neither are you in pain nor do you feel tired. I am not kidding leh. All my friends think that I am joking. Anyone care to support me on this point?! Hahaha! 

My brother was the one who taught me this, I did not believe him at first either. But when I finally reached that stage, OH DEAR IT FEELS GOOOOD. Why else do you think marathon runners can run for so long without stopping? It's magic!

Although, you have to bear in mind that once you reached this point and you decide to stop, it isn't easy to just hop back onto this magical train. Well, for me la at least haha!

My first half marathon. It helps to have a running buddy.

I come from a family of runners. My dad was a marathon runner and currently still running 10s and 21s with us. My brother is a current 21, 25 and soon-to-be marathon runner. My mom goes wherever I go, I 10, she 10, I 21, she also 21. My relatives and cousins are extreme runners too, we're the 21km squad as we completed our very first half marathon together too!

Training is never a problem when you have a buddy that have the same goals as you. Get a friend who is looking to complete a half marathon in the near future. It is much easier to go through that 2.5 hours when you are with good company, time just seems to fly faster and you might not even have enough time to think about how tired you are.

Even if you don't have the same goals, pace with a friend.

So you might not be able to find a friend as crazy as you who wants to randomly run a marathon. You can still pace with them. Motivate them while they motivate you. That is my friend, Lynn in the photo above. We recently went for MRCA 10km run and ended up being one of the last few runners. 

Although it would've seemed much easier to just stop and walk with her, I did not. I paced slowly beside her as she shifted from running to walking repeatedly. It might not seem like a lot of work, but maybe it does help a little with endurance. I like running with friends, even if they aren't running. Haha!

Get a good running shoe.

I call this, motivation! After running for a good 2 months, maybe it would be time to invest in a good shoe. My definition of a good shoe isn't about the brand or the price of it. It is about what shoe fits your running style. If shoes were all made the same, why are they so many models? Why are some flat while some are high up? What kind of shoe best fits your leg while you are running?

Do you run better with lighter shoes or heavier shoes? Tighter or looser? More cushion or less cushion? If so, which part of your feet needs more of it? I got my first Adizero for myself with my own money when I first graduated secondary school. It was neon green and it costed RM400. It was too much for me to handle la. I vowed that I would take care of her and use her well.

That was when I started running seriously. After I got that shoe, my days of stopping and walking in the middle of runs were over! That shoe lead me to countless 10s, a 16.8, a 21 and a Viper challenge which was a 20km obstacle run!

After that, it was time to put her aside and get a new one! Hahaha.

Satisfaction. Where else can you get a 21km finisher t-shirt?

My medal collection up there is but as small as Malaysia as compared to the whole world. I've seen my friend's medal collections going from one end of the wall to the other, covering up the whole windowsill! Some even have trophies filling not one but several cabinets! My trophies can hardly fill one shelf let alone a whole cabinet!

Alrighty then. I guess now you know how I transitioned from a frequent 10km runner to a 21km runner, and also that I don't take care of my stuffs. Good luck to all that wishes to achieve your goals and are still striving for it! See you when my finals end!

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Snapchat habit.

Hello cuties!
I own a Xiaomi Mi3, it a great phone but it does not have an expandable memory. No SD card slot but it has a 16GB internal storage la. Hello, how is 16GB enough for me or anyone for that matter? Anyhow, that only means that I have to move my photos, videos and junk out of my phone and into my hard disk every 1-2 months T_T

So, the other day as I was moving my Snapchat folder over, I noticed that I saved quite a lot of photos that looked the same! Hahaha! I found my Snapchat habit! Over the past 1 month, I've unknowingly taken so many pictures looking in the same direction. Click to enlarge.



I couldn't help but laugh so hard when I saw my saved snaps. What about the ones I did not manage to save?! I just had to collage it! Hahah! I should be a little more consistent with my direction. From now, I shall starting looking more to the right! Am I the only one that has a problem on Snapchat? Let me know what do you think of this crazy compulsive disorder! HAHAHA

Snapchat ID: goheunice 

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

Friday, February 26, 2016

Date night makeup tutorial!

Hello pretties! 
I'm doing this on purpose because after I got my eyelash extensions a couple days before CNY, the pretty lady told me that sweating, tearing, rubbing eyes, cleansing and oil based makeup remover will increase the rate of the extensions falling off. It was my first time doing eyelash extensions ever! So I was damn 乖 lo listen to everything she said.

I took great care of it, like my baby. I didn't rub my eyes, I didn't go for Muaythai classes (killing me softly) and I didn't put on any eye makeup for 3 weeks! I even only cleanse around my eye, trying my best not to let water touch my lashes. It was a tough 3 weeks but I said to myself 'Beauty is not given free'! 

The other day I thought to myself, 'Wahlao I think I should remove the lashes lo. Looking kinda imba and some of them keeps poking on my eyelids and very torturing la cannot rub my eyes'. So I did everything the lady said I couldn't do! I went to the gym and for my muaythai classes and I sweated a bucket! I cleansed my face with very vigorous rubbing movements, hitting the lashes every time my palms go up! I used an oil-based makeup remover but still... it wasn't completely coming off! T__T

So now, I am going to resort to eye makeup! 3 weeks of no eye makeup and now I'm finally back! Might as well do a little blog about it too since I'll be heading out to date night with le bf later! Hahaha. Sorry for the long story, but this is how I roll! Back stories are always important. Anyway, this is how I usually do my makeup when I go out for dates!

Okay, so I legit just woke up and was still in my pjs. This is a mandatory no makeup photo for comparison later, Haha. I'm going to skip the whole moisturizing, priming, concealing and foundation base cos I think everyone knows that already. (Actually I didn't take any picture of my basing process so... HAHA) But let me know if you'd still like to know what products I use.

First things first, BROWS! Brows are always the most important part! #nobrowsnolife. I can go out with no foundation, powder, lipstick but I cannot go out with no brows! This is the Essence Eyebrow Designer Pencil. I own two shades, 05 Soft Blonde and 02 Brown. I use the darker one to draw the outer part of my brow and the lighter for the inner. This retails for less that RM10 which is the whole reason why I bought it in the first place!

I'm not super great at drawing my brows but I try my best. It can be super on fleek some days but when the hair decides to come back out, it will screw the whole look.

If you are a constant user of eye shadow but do not use a primer, OMG PLEASE GO GET ONE. An eye primer is something you apply onto your eyelids before putting on your regular eye makeup. What it does is that it allows the powder to stick onto something. So once you've got the primer on, THE EYESHADOW CANNOT BE RUBBED OFF, ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR GRUBBY FINGERS. No joke! My mom was so amaze when I introduced her to this. I'm using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I bought this a while ago so I'm not too sure about the price, but it retails for about RM75.

This eye shadow segment might be kinda lengthy. This is the Urban Decay Naked 3, it is by far my favourite-est palette! The colour shades are so earthy and neutral, you really can't go wrong with nude colours.

With this palette alone, I can go from looking super cute with light makeup to looking dark and mysterious with smokey eye makeup! And again, I got this a while ago, so I think the price ranges around RM150.

Step 1: Take the lightest colour and slab it ALL OVER your lids up to your brow bone. This give you a cleaner canvas to work with. Apply it with the fluffy side of the brush or use a blending brush.

Step 2: Pick a darker colour and apply it on to the outer corners of your crease. I usually pick the middle colours and if I want a darker look, I'll just add the darker shadows on top. Apply this with the flat side of the brush! This part can be tricky especially for those with typical small asian eyes. 

Use the flat tip to kinda POKE onto your eyelids to find the curved part of your eyeball. Don't poke until you feel pain la, just lightly push it onto your eyelids. Once you've placed the brush on the eyes like I have, move the brush from left to right. Just like colouring a rainbow!

If you have parallel lids like me, you'd most likely be unable to see much of a difference when you open your eyes. BUT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Now your double eyelids are MORE DEFINED. It looks sharper than the one on the right. Once you're happy with the guide, you can now fill in the upper corner of your lids with a darker shade.

Step 3: Pink a shiny pale colour from any palette. This will be going onto the center of your lids. This will give an illusion of a more contoured eye!

Slab slab slab pat pat pat.

This is the Dior 5 Couleurs Palette in 250 Seascape. 

Really sorry but I honestly do not know the retail price for all my CD products. Anyway, I won't be using any of the blue tones. i'm only using the WHITE hahahahah!

Step 4: Apply white or light shadow onto the outer corner from above your dark shadow to your brow bones! Basically just colour in the rest of your lids until you reach your eye brows la. This is for highlight!

This is the CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pen Liner. It retails for about RM43 in Watsons. I always prefer brown liners over black because they don't look as harsh.

I didn't take any picture while putting on eyeliner cos I only have two hands. 
But here's an easy tip for the winged look.

1. Pull your lids to the side to flatten it. Look down.
2. Draw a straight line starting from the inner corner of your eyes.
3. Draw the line all the way out. Stop when you're satisfied.

 4. Open your eyes, look up and connect the end of the line you've just drawn to the corner of your eyes!
5. If you opened your eyes and think that the line is not thick enough, close your eyes and repeat steps 1-4 again! But don't go overboard! Less is more! And don't ever go free hand if you are a beginner! Always use your eye as it's own guide! The reason why you flatten your eyelids in the first place was to give you a straight line guide. 

This is the Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara.

Tips for applying mascara ah? Mhmm. Open your mouth!! You'll perform 10 times better! When the brush touches your lashes, start wiggling it from left to right.

Eyes done!

This is the CD Blush Final Diorlight in 743 Natural Gold. And again, I did not take any photos of contouring.

Recently I've been applying my pink blush onto the center of my cheeks rather than the sides. This gives a more flushed and cuter look.

Unless I know I'll be taking a lot of photos on the date, I wouldn't care much about putting on lipstick. Cos you'll be eating and end up rubbing all of the product off anyway. So, for me, a little colour for my lips is enough. If I had lip stains, tattoos or lip peel-offs, I wouldn't use lipstick ever again. Hahaha! This is the IN2IT Lip Treat and I think it also retails for less than RM10.

That's all! I did touch up a little here and there la. Like adding white liner in the inner corners of my eyes for that cute teardrop effect.

I guess my double eye lids look deeper now? You can do this makeup on monolids too!

This is how it looks when I look down! 

Lips are not too red. They are just perfectly stained!

Hope you like this makeup tutorial! Do let me know what you think about it in the comment section below! Just a disclaimer though, I am NOT a makeup artist nor have I ever claimed to be one. I'm just like every other girl, sitting behind a computer, watching makeup gurus on YouTube and trying her best to be a copy cat. Anyway, this is just my way of doing it. BUT! If you have any comments on how and what I can do to improve, PLEASE SHARE PLS. TQ!

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My cameraman!

Hello crazies!
Jerr and I spontaneously went up to Genting Highlands again the other day to 'get angpao from Uncle Lim'. Well, I guess that's what you do when you're ~ feeling 22. Not! More like the older you get, the more you'll find out that the best activities you do comes naturally, unplanned and/or are extremely impromptu. The older you get, the friends around you will magically transform from your regular ffk friend to the classic super onz friend, hopefully. Haha! 

Yeah, you've got it!

I used to take a massive amount of ootds a few years back. Okay la, I didn't take them, I posed for them and people like Jerr, Euwern or EE takes them for me. Need to give credit only 爽 one. Anyway, after a while, I stopped taking full body photos because it is very torturing for my reluctant cameraman. Haha! Taking group photos for me is already bad enough, I feel horrible if I were to pile on frequent ootd-photo-taking too. It's not a bad thing at all, but I'm sure most bloggers have their boyfriends as their cameraman heh.

Why is it torturing? 
Eunice: Jerr, ootd for me!
Jerry: Urghhh 又来啊! *takes camera out*
Jerry, I think I look fat, retake!
Jerry, I think my hair was in the way, retake!
Jerry, I need more head space in the photo, retake!
Jerry, this lighting is making me look too white, retake!
Jerry, you didn't capture the building behind me, retake!
Jerry, wrong angle liao, retake! Jerry, its so blur, retake!
Jerry, does my arm look big? Jerry, is my pose ok?
Jerry, do I look chubby? Jerry, faster leh very tired liao!
So much bs just for one picture. Taking a thousand pictures and end up only posting ONE. The life of a boyfriend/brother, from his birth is well defined. Obviously I don't say those things all at one go and they are not as aggressive as they look la. I say it in a very calm (as calm as I can ever be) way. Damn, please tell me I'm not the only one!! Back to what I was saying, I seldom ask for full-body photos anymore. But the other day at GH, he voluntarily asked for my phone, then he asked me to pose. Hahaha!!! For this photo...

I did not say any of those things up there! 
Since a miracle just happened, I don't care even if I look fat or turn out having two heads in the photo! Even if I look ugly, I die die also will post ah!!

Even candid photos are not looking that bad! 
Jerry: Eunice! Turn your head over!

Jerry, you have the toughest job. Hahaha. The lighting was great that day btw.

There were still a fair amount of failed photos but the again who then hell can take just ONE photo and look perfect af, right? Models take hundreds of photos too HAHAHA. If perfection was so easily achieved, models would only need to spend 1 second on a photo shoot HAHAHA. Sorry, I just had to say it HAHAHA

Thanks for making my life so much more enjoyable and exciting with your contagious laughter! (and the horrible gross faces you always make) You don't need to always look for new ways to make me smile. Having you in my life is more than I can ever ask for.

Anyway, I brought my camera up to GH with me to take photos for my blog. But because it was too heavy, I decided to leave it in the car T_T #lifeofalazygirl. So, I thought I'd try using my phone camera to see if the resolutions were up to standard for blogging. If they're good, this lazy girl can continue with being lazy. What do you think about the photos? Okay bo?

Full-body photos are taken with my Xiaomi Mi3!
Selfies are taken with Jerr's Asus Zenfone 2!

Till next time! 
Eunice signing off! xx

Sunday, February 21, 2016

4 things we did at Port Dickson!

Hello 2016 and hello earthlings! 
Valentine's day just blew past and soon Chinese New Year will be coming to an end. Before you know it, the first 2 months of the year have disappeared! NOO! Time, can you please take a chill pill? I have so much to talk and rant about, I can't contain myself like wtf. 

In the beginning of the year, I went to Port Dickson with #themonsters9x. Every time we go out for trips, we would take heap loads of photos. But these days, nobody dedicates a whole album on Facebook to your trip lo. So, all you are left with are photos and memories in your hard disk waiting for you to look back at it one day and go 'AWWWW'. So ah, where else am I allowed to spam photos without being judged other than my blog, right? 

 But before I start anything, they really weren't exaggerating about the PD seawater! I did not filter this picture! We went there in January 2016. We were at Corus.

I can't even believe myself when I say this photo wasn't edited. Aiya, I swear it's definitely not as gross and disgusting as it used to be la. I'd give 10 points for improvement.

Anyway, you don't see many of your friends posting pictures about their trip to PD unless its in a very atas resort or villa that have private pools like Grand Lexis. That's because all of our hipster friends prefer to go to #BKK etc. Have to admit, I didn't think there was anything left to do in PD too. But surprisingly, these are some of the things Johan planned for us while we were there!

1) We went to the Ostrich Farm at Batu 9! 
Sounds a little childish la cos we're 22 and 23 year old. But NO! If you were to go with a bunch of friends, you can entertain yourselves with each other's epic fails! It's not just an ostrich farm, there were dogs, fishes, donkeys, goats, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes etc. Since we went there on schooling periods, it was super empty! Either that or nobody goes there anymore la but I'm hopeful.

First, group photo! We were sweating like dogs cos of the crazy scorching sun. On the bright side (no pun intended, but it's still funny pls hahaha), at least there were 4 of us that aren't wearing something completely BLACK. I ggwp la wear black sweater some more. 

And another group photo with my girls! #tjelc

These are the kind of fails I was talking about. Haha! Jiajia 不要怕! We bought a packet of treats for the animals just to watch each of us tremble to the fear of attempting to feed it!

GG run away from ostrich some more wtf haha

And a happy Jerry!

Donkeys! One of them is named Eugene, the only reason why I remembered is because it's my brother's name! Haha. Sorry other one, can't remember your name sia.

This is our planner, Johan!

Dirty bunnies!

How lucky am I to get a selfie with one of the animals in the farm!!??

 Jerr, Cindy and I outside our appartment!

Lunch break!

2) We went to the Lighthouse at Tanjung Tuan! 
Oh ho ho! This is a good one! I still can't believe Johan found this place. Haha. The purpose of bringing us here is and I quote 'You girls love taking pictures ma, so let you all take the sunset la'. Very thoughtful please, hahaha. It was a 10 minute hike up to the top of the hill to reach the lighthouse, but I swear it is super worth it! Especially for people who like to make their ig feed artsy!

It was a bit of a tiring hike. The 8 of us were complaining all the way up. I seriously rather just roll all the way back down to the bottom to where we parked our car. After seeing the lighthouse, we still had to climb up that flight of stairs on the bottom left of the photo.

But seriously la, no matter how amazing the view is and it doesn't matter how beautiful the image you can conjure up in your mind, if you do not have an amazing photographer, you wouldn't get an amazing photo!! So, go up with your pro-est photographer friend! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Romantic leh, right Jerry?!

Thank you for always taking photos for us girls! We appreciate you guys a lot!

Oh yeah! This is an important thing to mention! We were staring at the sunset after all... All of our faces were oozing with sweat! 好像跌进longkang咯. So, bring a towel!!! We stayed there and gazed into the horizon for over an hour waiting for the sun to set, so we sweat buckets.

See what I told you? ARTSY LEH!

3) We went to the Alive 3D Art Gallery! 
The reason why this was our next stop is exactly the same as our previous destination; because we girls love to take photos! I can't really recall the pricing but I think it wasn't expensive. We had fun taking the photos mainly because we went during the non-peak days. By that I mean, we were literally the only ones in the museum. So, we didn't had any problems with the crowd or lining up when taking photos. I read some reviews and comments about not being able to take better shots because of other customers walking around and about.

I kennot cos all her facial expression are just too priceless. Feel free to click to enlarge & zoom.

Jia, 你可以去做actress了 no joke. Haha!

How does this look? 

Giant Lynn.

Teng is tinier x1000. Now that I know the trick to this, there is no way I can get myself to not see the flaw in the picture. Does is look fake? Haha because to me it kinda does! Please tell me!

Trip to Wonderland!

Okay, this one is still very real to me! HAHAHA. I couldn't stop laughing when taking this photo.

4) We went for some water sports! 
Who go to beach and don't play water sports one? Still need to explain meh?

Well, the water here doesn't look as blue as the photo I posted above. Lighting problem, maybe.

Another perk of going on trips during non-peak days are that prices can be bargained and reduced drastically! Not to mention, no waiting in lines required! Basically, this is what made the whole trip fun la. It is like we had the whole PD to ourselves. 

Goodbye cameraman! Off we go! Teng is a little afraid of falling into the deeper seawater and Lynn can't swim neither does she trust the life jacket. I was afraid she had a panic attack or something when she fell off the banana boat. But aiya, I had to mention this la cos it's my first time (consciously) doing water sports too haha.

Finally done with this PD trip post! Jerr has been bugging me to get the photos from Jia & Lynn for over a month. The reason why I didn't write this post in day 1,2 and 3 like how I usually do is because things got complicated midway through this trip & it's very troublesome to mention la. And plus, maybe it's better this way. I hope you enjoyed this post #themonsters9x!

Let's end the post with Daryl making one of the worst decisions of his life...

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx